Become a better problem-solver

7 approaches you can apply to the problems you solve

This book takes a different view toward problem-solving.

It reveals specific and actionable steps to take to get better at solving problems. As a result, you’ll become a better problem solver. You’ll also strengthen core programming skills: reading and reviewing code, writing code, and thinking in new and creative ways.

In this hands-on book, you’ll learn about seven approaches you can apply to the problems you solve. See how to apply different problem-solving approaches and constraints, read the code of others, and “recycle” your problems by re-solving them with a new intent. Put your knowledge to practice with the five exercises contained within.

Apply the approaches you learn about as you solve problems on your own time. Or use them in your day to day work as a programmer during code reviews, as well as when you get feedback from pull requests, prepare for code interviews, write quality code on the job, and read source code.

This book is by Amy Haddad. She’s created a free online learning tool: Programmer’s Pyramid, which teaches the fundamentals of programming. She’s also written technical articles for FreeCodeCamp, co-authored Daily Skill Planner, and co-created Principles of Learning, which is another free tool that helps learners of all kinds develop an efficient and effective learning process.

Book Sample and Contents

Here's the table of contents and a sample from the book. No email address is necessary.


1. Is this book good for a beginner?

Yes. The problem-solving approaches I share in this book are versatile across levels. I used them when I began to program. And I continue to use them years after the fact. The idea is to understand the problem-solving approaches this book offers so you can apply them to harder problems.

2. What's the refund policy?

If this book isn’t what you expected, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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